Lost Things

I’ve lost my Batman Tshirt.

We all lose things, and for the most part, we all find it frustrating. It’s always something we need immediately, and it’s always in the last place we look – obviously, we stop looking one we find it, right? If only it were as easy as attaching little beepers to everything that made little whistles when we call or clap – but unfortunately, not everything we lose can be found, and sometimes that’s a choice.

One of the few things I find more frustrating than losing something though, is when I lend or give something to someone and they lose it, misplace it or throw it away. I’ve found this has been happening more and more frequently of late, and sadly, this is making me less inclined to lend or give things to my friends. Friends are meant to be the ones we can trust, the ones we can open up to and be ourselves with. When they lose things of ours, our trust, our friendship – it seriously does nothing less than suck.

If you haven’t figured it out by now, I’m talking about personal relationships. When you give someone your trust, love, friendship and a part of yourself and they don’t take care of it. even worse is when they throw it away. I’ve recently lost a number of friends, each through different circumstances, and it has left me wondering what you do in those situations? Unfortunately, there isn’t a ‘universal friend’ that you can go out and buy for $20 to replace the original that was lost. Unfortunately, it may stand, that we can never replace those that we lose, and are forced to endure the agony of having everything we see, hear, smell and do remind us of their absence in our life.

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Samantha Lee

Writer and Photographer. Gamer, Bookworm, Lover of Film and Comics. Pokémon Master. General Geekette.

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