2015 Reading Challenge 

So I have decided to attempt the 2015 reading challenge set by popsugar.

The challenges has 50 characteristics for each book you tick off the list, and I’m already a fair way behind. While I know I won’t be able to tick every box without doubling up a little, I just want to try and get as many as I can and read as many books as I can – I think I managed to read about two last year, and I plan to totally smash that this year.

I actually have quite a large number of books sitting in my room, next to my bed and on my book shelf that I haven’t had the chance to read yet. So I’ll be tackling them through the months also. Here is a sneak preview:

As you might know, recently, I’ve read Fangirl, which actually ticks off a lot of the boxes for this competition, but I think I’m going to place it under A Book by a female Author. (Although that may change depending on the other books I read haha.)

It’s great to see so many other people out there doing this challenge and posting about it. It’s really inspiring seeing all the other posts and books people have chosen to read. I’m going to be ticking off each category as I read each book, so keep your eyes out for follow ups!

Here is the challenge if you wanted to take part:

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