There are so many forms of inspiration.

Most of the time, I find inspiration hits me randomly, from nowhere, from inside. And when the time comes that I can let it out and do something with it, it’s gone just as quickly, just as randomly.

Inspiration can come from places, things, previous creations, and multitude of springs of todays media outlets. People. People are perhaps the most inspiring – not only creatively, but an inspiration to make us want to change ourselves, hopefully for the better.

Inspirations come and go, they appear and disappear in an instant, but just imagine – how boring life would be without it.

Trying new things…

So this WordPress blog is my attempt at starting something new.

Of course I have had blogs in the past, but this time I’m trying to create something that is less of a blog – though it will have blog-like entries – and more of a little corner of the internet where I can showcase some of the things that I am working on, as well as things I like and enjoy.

I am currently embarking on a mission to do something creative everyday until December 31st, whether it be writing something, drawing something, creating something, planning something or photographing something. When I do something creative enough that I am proud of, I may upload them here as well. Suggestions are greatly appreciated!

Consider this a pre-warning: This is my blog-space and if I need to vent, I may do so here. If you don’t like something you are reading – no one is making you read it, so feel free to close the window.

Dream Sequence

How I ended up in the building, or why I was there were unknown to me, but when they started throwing explosives into the rooms one by one, I knew I had to do something. Shell was in there. I could see her, leaning against the window, looking out over the vast city below.

Most business buildings follow the common layout of small closed in cubicles and corner offices with locked doors, but this particular office skyscraper had a wonderfully open layout. There virtually weren’t any walls in the place – it was all glass. You could see into every room, every office. And there was Shell, standing in the corner office, her satin dressing gown falling lamely from her shoulder, her long black hair cascading down her back, staring out over civilization.

Screaming at her seemed to make no difference, these walls were sound proof. I watched in horror as the explosions came closer and closer. And then she was gone. Hidden behind a veil of smoke. I was thrown backwards into the ground, the dust covered, glass covered ground. But the blast of fire didn’t come.

When the smoke and dust cleared enough for me to look up, I saw her, still standing, looking out at us, her back to the floor-to-ceiling windows that overlook the city. And that’s when it happened.

Dozens of pigeons smashed through the glass, showering Shell with glittering shards. And then she was gone, stolen, ripped from the building by dozens of sharp, angry beaks. Her eyes remained blank, staring at us as the birds tore her open, and ate her from the inside out, carrying her away.

Dead End

So you go for a walk. You walk down the street, around the block, through the town. You walk down a dark alley, paying no particular attention to your surroundings. And then it happens, you hit a dead end. You can’t go anywhere but back the way you came, or you can just sit there, waiting, for something else to happen.

It never will.

You have no choice. You have to go back and find a different path. There is always a different path. You just have to find the right one to get where you need to go.

So you turn around, you start walking back. Thinking back over where you went wrong, which turn was the one that got you lost in the first place? Was it your own fault, was it a direction someone gave you, or a fluke? A random mistake that happened for no reason, through no ones fault? No, there was a reason, there was something to learn, even if it was just not to go that way next time.

So what do you do? Where do you go? Which direction do you head in next? Do you even have any idea where you’re going, where you want to be, where you need to end up?

Or are you lost, like me?