FelixTurtle Prints

So I have recently started creating some simple designs for shirts, mugs, stickers, phone cases etc on Redbubble for fun. I simply enjoy creating things, and playing around with text and things. It came about when I was recently browsing redbubble for some cool D&D t-shirts, and though to myself ‘I could probably make something cool I’d rather wear’. And so my little hobby was born.

They aren’t very detailed, but instead just simple designs that are geeky at the same time. I’m planning to try and add a couple of new designs up each week, so keep an eye out for what’s new!

Designs include:

  • Dungeons and Dragons
  • Bookish content
  • Quotes
  • Name lists
  • And more…

I’m also going to be accepting custom orders, and have them available for sale as well. So feel free to email me at felixturtledotcom@gmail.com for more information, or visit me at Redbubble or on Instagram.


Character Aesthetics

Recently, I have started making image collages, also known as ‘Aesthetics’ on Tumblr, or sometimes ‘Moodboards‘, for some of my favourite book characters and my groups D&D characters.

Essentially, making an aesthetic is simple enough; you take multiple images of scenes or items or words that relate to the chosen character – such as main features, where they live, their physical features, their jobs, their fears – and make a nice neat photo collage of these images. It also often includes adding in your ‘dream casting‘; as in: if you could cast the movie of this book/character, who would you put in the lead role. This can include known actors, the actual actors if it has been made into a TV show or film, or just random models or stock photos found online. I prefer the later, this gives the collages an individuality, and doesn’t just seem to be a carry-over from any other visual version that is already available.

It doesn’t have to be a specific character either, or a character at all really. It could be an entire book, a series, a mash-up of two or several of these, a unique character pairing, a place or setting or even a particular event – anything you want really.

I can’t really explain why, perhaps it’s the latent graphic designer in me, but I really enjoy the motion of scrolling through image searches endlessly; pinterest, tumblr, google. Scraping to find the perfect images to sum up these characters, arranging them so that everything fit together just right. There’s something to very satisfying about it.

I’m open to suggestions, but plan to make quite a few more of these in my spare time in the coming months. You can see my collections so far below:

The Raven Cycle:

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The Raven Cycle Hogwarts Houses:

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D&D Characters:

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You can see a larger collection of my aesthetics/moodboards HERE.

For more information, visit my contact page.

Disclaimer: None of these images are owned by me, nor do I take credit for the images themselves, merely the compilation and placement of said images. Images found on pinterest, tumblr, google.

Aspiring Author!

Lately, I have been working a lot on several writing projects. These are projects that I plan on sending to publishers in the hopes of having them published, and possibly self-publishing as e-books as well.

I’m considering posting a synopsis as it gets closer to completion in the next few months, and am hoping to garner some interest with my followerIMG_1873s as well as the general public. I will also be sending out some beta copies (you’re first, Viv!), so please email me at felixturtledotcom@gmail.com if you are interested in receiving an advance e-book copy of the book.

In preparation for this huge new venture, I’m going to start posting more of my Creative Writing on my blog/site to get it out into the wide world (something I’ve been pretty scared of doing in the past), and start to get some feedback.

If you’re interested, you can find more of my writing here.

To kick things off, I’m going to share below a small paragraph of flash fiction I wrote a few years ago:

I remembered to take the paper with me. I held onto it as I ran out.

I threw up then. Twice. I felt so sick, with anger. And with hatred.

I looked down at the paper again. Why would Dad do that? Why would he do something so stupid? I still didn’t know what to do. Thankfully, I’d stopped shaking. I rinsed out my mouth and walked back out to the living room.

“What’s wrong, Kevin?” he looked slightly worried.

I ripped the page of the newspaper out, folded it up and shoved it into my pocket. Why did I have to move in with Dad? Surely after that mum’d take me back? No, of course not, I was too much to handle. I looked at Trev, he was obviously still waiting for an answer. .

“I don’t wanna talk about it.” I mumbled to him.

“Come on, Kevin, you can tell me. You tell me everything.” He reached out a hand to comfort me.

I pushed him away.

“I said I don’t want to talk!” I yelled, standing.

The look on Trev’s face was enough to drive me mad, why did everyone keep looking at me like I was some kind of freak? I’m not the freak; it’s my father who’s the freak. I grabbed my bag and ran for the door, flinging my self through it so hard the door almost fell off its hinges. Ok, that was an exaggeration. I flung myself through the door and ran down the street – in the opposite direction to Dad’s place.

When I got half way down the street, it began to pour. Bloody bastard. He didn’t care about anyone but himself. He still doesn’t. He never really cared that I didn’t go home that night. That I sat at the bus depot 7 blocks from home in the freezing, pouring rain.It was Trev’s mum who eventually found me. She said she’d been searching for hours, and was worried sick. Why wasn’t Dad ever worried sick?

Because he only cared about money and getting that cow out of prison. All he was going to do now was get himself chucked in there. I refused to go back to Dad’s. I didn’t want anything to do with him. Him or that pathetic girlfriend of his.

Mum was surprised to see me. Dad didn’t let me see her often. They’d split up when I was ten. She’d heard what Dad did. She agreed that it was stupid, but told me I couldn’t stay there, because if I did, he’d come looking for me, and god only knows what he’d do. As it turns out, she was right, and he came looking for me sooner rather than later.

Two days later, he came to mum’s place, almost knocked down the door. Mum sent me to the back room and told me she’d sort it out. I could hear the slap echo from the back of the house.

He came for me then, I could hear his boots thudding loudly through the house. As he approached the back of the house, I heard the click. That all-too-familiar click of that all-too-familiar shotgun. 

I held my breath as he entered the hall that lead to the back room. I pressed my back against the wall, my old baseball bat in my hand. It wasn’t one of those new aluminium ones, but an old wooden one full of dents.

I brought the bat down hard on his shoulder.

I’m not tall enough to reach his head; I knew I’d have a chance if I could make him drop the gun. It worked. The gun dropped to the floor at my feet. I picked it up.

“You wouldn’t shoot me, you gutless worm.” He sneered and stepped toward me.

The safety was off, and the slight fear in his features told me he was aware if this too.

“Don’t come near me” I managed to spit. He stepped forward and I guess I was more scared than I thought.

I pulled the trigger. He stumbled backward and swayed on the spot for a second before he fell. I dropped the gun.

I remember feeling confused and hurt, but safe at the same time.

Mum turned the light on as she came in, she gasped, but didn’t scream. She looked at me with such horror in her eyes it scared me. I fell to my knees.

I remember now, the way I must have looked. Like a crazed lunatic, she’d told them. That’s probably why I’m here. Stuck in this psych ward with all the real lunatics. And too unloved, too untrustworthy to be believed. They’d taken everything from me, my family, my sanity, my belongings; even my scrap of newspaper, the only picture I had left of my sister, before my father decided that drinking 6 beers and driving was a good idea. They’ll never let me out now. I’m trapped.

By Samantha Lee Churcher 

© 2016

Ready Player One, Book Review

Author:Ernest Cline
Published: 2011

A perfect feat of nostalgic charm, fangirl satisfaction and completely engrossing storyline.

This book has stolen my heart. It’s so wonderfully written, and so absolutely, insanely clever. It’s been a really long time since I read a book that struck so many chords in me, brought out so many emotions, and brought out a large amount of huge, no-holds-barred, fangirl grins.

In the year 2044, reality is an ugly place. The only time teenage Wade Watts really feels alive is when he’s jacked into the virtual utopia known as the  OASIS. Wade’s devoted his life to studying the puzzles hidden within this world’s digital confines, puzzles that are based on their creator’s obsession with the pop culture of decades past and that promise massive power and fortune to whoever can unlock them. When Wade stumbles upon the first clue, he finds himself beset by players willing to kill to take this ultimate prize. The race is on, and if Wade’s going to survive, he’ll have to win—and confront the real world he’s always been so desperate to escape.

The book follows our not-so-heroic hero, Wade. After billionaire game-creator James Halliday dies, leaving his fortune up for grabs in a virtual scavenger hunt, the world goes crazy. But when no one has found anything after five years, the competition, while not forgotten, has lost it’s momentum. That is, until Wade, or rather his avatar Parzival, finds something. And that’s where the book takes off.

RP1-aestheticI was born in the 80’s and a lot of the references are things that I grew up watching, reading or loving. To have all of these things that I’ve loved in some capacity or another, as a child and an adult, feature so seamlessly in a story that was so contemporary was utterly joyous. But even so, all these great tugs at my heart strings aside, the story was completely engrossing. It started off a little slow, but once it got going, it swallowed me up and I was hooked, dying to know how our heroes would defeat the guys that you can tell were just written to be hated.

Without digging too deeply, and getting all philosophical, this book is just good old fashioned fun to read. I related to more than one of the characters and I cared enough about them to be concerned by what was happening to them – I was dragged into their world and for me that makes a good book.

In a classic battle of Good vs. Evil, and a Star Wars like charm of a rag-tag band of misfits joining in their pursuit to save the world, this book really has everything a fangirl could want and more. recommended to anyone who loves a great science fiction story with a little bit of a love story, loads of texture and a brilliant and gripping ending sequence!


Imges via: here, here

The Raven Boys Read-A-Long

Hi Everyone!

This month I’m trying out something new – a Read-A-Long and a Goodreads Group.

Myself (@felixturtle_reads on instagram) and Sofia (@forbidden.books on instagram) are going to be reading The Raven Boys by Maggie Steifvater this month, starting in the next couple of days and going to the end of the month.

Please feel free to join us! Simply add me on Goodreads and message me for an invite! Or head over to the Goodreads Group and request to join. It’s that simple. And we can all swoon over this book together.

There will also be a full review coming at the end of the month, and maybe more read-a-long’s if this works out well.


Happy Star Wars Day!

Since I was a little girl, I’ve been in love with Star Wars. My dad and I would watch them together, and I used to love the loud sounds and fast flying. Heck, I was even young enough when the prequels came out to think I liked them, at least until Episode III when I realised I was wrong and the original trilogy was the only one that really mattered.

I loved the animated series’ that came along too; and played a lot of the games, especially Pod Racing on the N64. Star Wars was, and is, a huge part of what makes me Me. Not to mention the amazing lego sets! I love how inter-generational Star Wars is, how it has engaged kids and adults alike since the late 70s and still continues to grab new fans to this day.

And I am hella excited for the new episodes coming over the next few years starting this December. J J Abrams looks to be doing a mighty fine job, so fingers crossed we get a whole new batch of awesome flicks, and can invite yet another generation into the folds of the awesome Star Wars fan community.

So Happy Star Wars day everyone! May the Fourth be with you!


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Five Awesome Book-Bloggers, Instagramers and Websites.

I love to read and I love books, and recently I have been scouring the blissful abyss of the internet, hunting down blogs, Instagram feeds, and other websites about books. Of course there are the big sites, like Book Depository and Goodreads – but I was on the hunt for something more personal. I wanted to find some fellow book lovers with similar tastes where I can find some book recommendations, great images and some reviews too.

I tried to avoid google. I used social media, mostly, to guide me: Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr. I let one image lead me to others, which led me to blogs, and I have come up with a list of a few that really inspired me – that have even got me reading more lately. Here they are:

1. Blue Eyed Biblio (@blueeyedbiblio)

blueeyedbiblio-msmarvelEmily is a vivacious 18-year-old book addict. But don’t let her age fool you! She is an avid reader, and she has an stunning Instagram account with a few hundred beautiful photographs of her books and bookshelves, and a staggering 106,000 odd followers to date. She also recently started a blog over at blogspot, where she posts about books she is reading and reviews books she has read. She reads mostly YA fiction, like me, so I find most of her recommendations interesting and have enjoyed all the books I’ve read that I have seen in her feed.

blue eyed biblio

2. OwlCrate (@owlcrate)

owlcrate logoMuch like the successful Lootcrates‘ desire to share Funko pop vinyls and other such nerdy wares, OwlCrate aims to share YA fiction with avid readers around the world. It is a subscription service, that upon signing up, sends subscribers a new YA novel every month for the length of their subscription, along with a few extra goodies as well. The great thing about OwlCrate, is not only the surprise of a new book every month, delivered right i your door by owl (poastal worker), but also the community that comes with it, being able to connect with other readers who are reading the same thing as you! Just follow the hashtag #OwlCrate on Instagram.


3. Nook & Burrow (@Lillytales)

lillytalesYou can find some lovely images of books and bookmarks on Kate’s instagram, with lots of great book recommendations, predominantly by strong female authors. Her website, while not solely centred on books, has some amazing things that book lovers will also love! Like customisable and beautiful wooden bookmarks, prints, wall-hangings and wonderful soy scented candles with magical scents such as Dusty Bookshelves and Buttery-Beer.


4.  Book Drunk In Love Reviews

bookdrunkinlove gravityKirsten presents a nice, clean and simple tumblr blog, that has both written and video reviews of a great range of titles. Worth checking out if you want to know a decent bit about books before you read them. A range of adult and YA novels, there are some great talks from her youtube channel – complete with her amazingly cool bangs (that make me want to listen to everything she says!). Brutally honest, and very sincere with recommendations, I can honestly recommend this page to anyone looking to branch out a little and try something new.

Book drunk in love

5. Half Blood Princess (@_halfbl00dprincess)

halfbl00dprincess aliceAndie has such a stunningly beautiful feed of book photography I couldn’t leave her out of this list. I just love sitting and looking at her photos. Just another place to have a browse, read another book lovers thoughts and get some seriously good book recommendations. The way she sometimes does little themes with each photo, like Harry Potter, or Alice in Wonderland, is also inspiring in itself, to take better pictures on instagram if nothing else.


So there you have it, some of my favourite places to find book recommendations, reviews, accessories and just stunning pictures.

Of course, you can always check my book reviews and instagram out too!


Edit: here is an article I just found on examiner.com boasting The top ten book accounts you should be following on Instagram. Check it out!

Ed Sheeran, Live in Concert

Ed Sheeran is Hands Down the Best Performer I Have Ever Seen Live.

I love his music, and I  love his image and his whole attitude. Ed is just a stand-up guy, a great person with the power to do good (and he does!), and the man delivers when it comes to a live performance. There is a huge difference between being a ‘singer’ and being a ‘performer’, and Ed is definitely the latter.

With a mix of current music, older music, mash-ups and covers, Ed definitely knows how to entertain a crowd. Honestly, I have never been to a concert (and I’ve been to my fair share) that is so much an interactive experience, rather than just some famous person standing up and singing at you. He knows how to get you excited, how to have you singing along, tapping along, bobbing along and even rapping along if you can keep up! At one point, Ed had the audience singing back-up, in unison, and in harmony! You feel that you are as much a part of the concert as Ed is, and that, for me, is a rare occurrence.

It amazed me (more than Ed himself and his musical talent) that Ed was the only person on the stage during the entire performance (okay, there were a few roadies here and there, but you know what I mean). Ed, his guitar, a couple of peddles at his feet and Ed has the whole band at his disposal: backing tracks, the chorus, riffs and beats and it’s all so natural, but also ALL LIVE. He is adding backing tracks as he needs them, playing guitar like a total fucking boss and singing – all at once. He performs covers, and makes them his own, including Blackstreet’s No Diggity, Stevie Wonder’s Superstition, and even Iggy Azalea’s Fancy. He even mashed these songs into medleys with his own songs, and he made it look really easy.  The man is brilliant. Period.

ed sheeran
Ed in 247. Magazine UK, 2012

He sang all the new songs, and some of the best old ones, opening with Lego House and closing with a huge rendition of Sing – complete with harmonised audience back-up – and an amazing light display. The screens behind him on stage show live video of Ed as he’s singing, but also show images, light displays, and tell stories through animated and pre-filmed footage – the final result: a completely seamless, stunning display and a thoroughly enjoyable concert.

Not to mention Ed is just such an awesome guy – check out what he did this week in Sydney for a couple’s wedding over at popsugar. He is truly a nice guy, the kind of dude I’d love to just hang out with. That, and he’s besties with my favourite – Taylor Swift. Couple the whole thing with Ed telling us that Australia is his favourite place to visit, and I can honestly say that this was the most enjoyable and exhilarating concert I have ever been to.

orange-paw-print-with-gradient-hi orange-paw-print-with-gradient-hi orange-paw-print-with-gradient-hi orange-paw-print-with-gradient-hi orange-paw-print-with-gradient-hi orange-paw-print-with-gradient-hi

5 out of 5


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My (Generations) Addiction to Technology

More often than not, you kind of get a weird look these days if you tell people you don’t have a smart phone, or a Facebook account, or an email address. These days we are hooked into the internet like it’s a permanent drip, feeding out bodies with information and ‘social interaction’.


The younger generation has been born into this life of modern technology, they have iPhones before they finish grade school and they have a Facebook before they’re even old enough to register (if they used their real birth dates). They live and breath technology, and they don’t know anything about life without it. My generation, however (that would be right on the cusp of X ad Y), DO remember a time before technology completely took over our lives.

That’s not to say my childhood was completely barren of technology, I mean, obviously we had TV, and I had quite a few video game consoles. We got a computer the year I started 6th grade, and internet when I was in grade 9. But I remember playing outdoors a lot with the kids in my street, and going out with my family to do things. If I needed to entertain myself for a few hours, I would curl up with a good book. I can remember writing notes to my friends during class and having to wait until I passed them in the halls to hand them over, then waiting another couple of hours for my return letter. We didn’t have texting, and we only had instant messaging on MSN after school (for an hour, before homework). But there was no Facebook (we had myspace), and we socialised by actually talking to each other and hanging out.

Tech-AddictionI must admit, things have changed with time, my social circle are very much connected by Facebook and text groups more than face-to-face interactions, but that’s because we are busy adults, and not snarky teenagers with time to spare. And even though my friends and I still strive to get together as often as we can, we still rely on technology to get us there. My generation remembers a time before we all had a phone, before we emailed o keep in touch, or organise events, before you had to choose a perfect profile picture and that ideal Facebook status. Heck, I can even remember a time before my family had a computer, let alone the internet (and no, I’m not that old – I’m only three months over 30!). Because we remember what it was like trying to organise a lunch date without texting, we value the ease with which we can communicate these days, and the wealth of information we have access to without having to go to a library or open an encyclopedia.

internet-wallpaper-hdSo how often is too often to check your phone? 10 times a day? 50? What constitutes an addiction to technology? To the internet? I know that I am addicted to technology, and I know this simply by looking at all the devices I have. MacBook, iMac, iPad, iPhone, Xbox. I have unlimited internet at home, and 5GB on my phone plan; and I almost always use it all up. I have accounts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Xbox live, Whatsapp, LinkedIn, Gmail, iTunes, YouTube and, of course, WordPress. when I wake up each morning, I check my phone; before I go to sleep at night, I check my phone. It drives my boyfriend nuts. When I’m at work, I take bathroom breaks to go and check my phone (and pee of course). On my days off from work, I’m usually blogging and checking up with social media and reading any articles I’ve saved during the day. And it may even be true, that even when you’re not using it, you’re iPhone is distracting you.

For some, it completely takes over their life, a genuine, life-crumpling addiction. But there are some very real dangers with this kind of addiction, like checking your phone while driving, or loosing sleep, you can read about some more dangers of technology addiction here.

I must admit, unlike the generation below us, I am not entirely wrapped up in my online lifestyle. I like to get out and do other things, and I like to do them often. And I also quite like just ditching the phone to read a good old fashioned book. There should a balance between a full, unattached life, and a life tuned in to technology, however unhealthy that balance might be, I like to believe that we as a generation aren’t completely submerged yet.

n-IPHONE-large570I think that because my generation knows what it’s like to be without (modern) technology, they absolutely relish in it now. Especially now that we are old enough to afford it all, too. We use our phones for work, for pleasure, to socialise and plan and bank and catch up on news. But we like ti live a balanced life, plugged in when we need to be, but unplugged when we have to be. It is truly a luxury to live in a world where you can broadcast a thought to anyone who wishes to read it, or chat to a friend half way across the world in a single click. I believe that our obsession, rather than addiction, comes from a love of the technology, a real appreciation of it, rather than an undying need for it.

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Retail Workers are People Too (a Rant)

And sometimes we have a degree, several qualifications, run a blog, write and do a multitude of other things behind the scenes that you don’t know about.

Working in retail customer service is not always a mindless job, it does not mean we are stupid or that we can’t get a ‘better job’.  A lot of the time, particularly in some of the most mundane retail jobs, people are working their way through university or college – these people may one day be teaching your children, or fighting your battles in a court of law, or even testing your eyesight. Alternatively, sometimes, retail workers think that their customers are the ones that are stupid, because they seriously say and do some truly ridiculous things. While this is true, it goes both ways, people are people and they all deserve respect, regardless of the job they do.

However, every now and again (a few times a day) we do get some seriously crazy, angry, and downright weird people. The angry ones are easy, you just oil up your feathers and let the water run down your back, but some of the others can really leave your head spinning. working in retail requires a delicate mix of particular personality traits if you want to not only survive, but be happy in your place of work. You need to be understanding, be able to listen and be kind – this allows you to give your customers the best service you can give, but you also need to be thick-skinned and not overly sensitive (or at least try your best to shake it off and get on with your day and cry about it all later). Customer service may be about serving the customer, but it does not make us servants, there is a fine line there that needs to be understood.

I think the ones that really boggle my mind are the ones that think they are more important than any other customer you have in your store. They march in thinking that they should be attended to immediately, regardless of whether all your staff are currently helping other customers or not. They seem to think that all the other people who had the good sense to call ahead and book an appointment count for naught, and that they should be ‘squeezed in’ right away. There’s always some kind of excuse too; ‘But I need to get back to work‘, ‘But I need to go and pick up my children‘, ‘But I just have a quick question‘, ‘But I’m here now‘…

That last one always grates on my nerves like a grater against a cold, hard carrot. It’s harsh and idiotic. I find it nothing short of entertaining when they are in a rush and seem to think that that makes them more important than all the others sitting in the waiting room, patiently and pleasantly. The reality is, if you have somewhere else to be or something else to do, call ahead and book and you will be more likely to get a time that suits you, simple as that.

And there’s always at least one who feels the need to make a scene and kick up a stink. They really neglect to understand that being mean and nasty and angry and frustrating doesn’t instil in anyone the desire to help; instead we really just want to slap them in the face and send them on their way and out of the store. We get that they’re frustrated, and we are going to try and help them, we have to, it’s our job; however we are going to be much nicer about it if they are nice to us in turn – simply logic, no? There is no need to yell, no need to stamp feet and no need to swear, at any of us, ever. 

There are always going to be the ones that feel the need to go out of their way to make a note of how angry or upset they are though – and sometimes it doesn’t even have anything to do with us. We once had a lady demand a refund on something she didn’t even buy from us. We’ve had people complain because we didn’t amuse their kids while they were browsing (we are NOT a day care and no, your child is not delightful – but that is a story for another time). When you write a bad review, give negative feedback or contact our head office, that doesn’t make you the bigger person, and you haven’t won, you’ve made yourself look like a whiney fool. We WANT to help you, that’s our job, but sometimes it takes understanding and communication on BOTH sides to find a solution. Please remember this next time you’re upset about something, it isn’t our fault personally, and we will try and empathise with you, understand you and your needs and fix the problem, if we can, but you make it really hard to want to help you when you are being a dick. Honestly.


And while we are on the topic of temper tantrums, I’d also like to take this moment to apologise for not having any control over the set pricing of our products. I’m sorry that the huge savings you are already getting during our yearly sale aren’t enough for you, and I’m sorry that I can’t just change the rules for you, and discount everything just for you so you can pay the price you want (if we could do that, no one would pay for anything, ever). I wish I could, and maybe while I’m at it I might just rig the lottery and win a ridiculously huge amount of money so I can retire early. Very early. 

You can also take us turning everything off and beginning to close the doors as a sign that we are closing shortly and you should wrap up your browsing and go along on your merry way. We will gladly help you wrap up your shopping or any last enquiries, and we don’t often actually ask people to leave the store; but understand that we have lives and loved ones to get home to as well, we have worked all day and finally reached the moment that our shift is over and because of you we can’t leave. It’s frustrating. We aren’t getting paid anymore and yet we have to hang around and serve you, and while most of the time depending on the customer it isn’t all that bad and doesn’t take that long, sometimes it’s just downright disrespectful and rude, sometimes it really is just taking the piss. If your purchase or question isn’t urgent, surely you can pop back in another time, when we can actually take the time to help and serve you properly. 


I’m not praising retail staff entirely either – this is not saying that they are the better people or worthy of praise at all. Some retail staff, or any one in customer service for that matter, are lovely people who go above and beyond for their customers, but some of them really are just ungrateful ratbags who shouldn’t be working with other people at all, period. Sometimes they may just be having a bad day, but the true sign of a good customer service representative is the ability to leave all their personal crap at the door, put on a smile and get on with it. Sometimes, though, it’s not just a bad day, I know first hand that there are some truly bad retail workers out there, and I sometime wonder HOW they ever got that job.

Working in retail isn’t always as easy as some people think, dealing with assholes is hard, but those rare customers; the kind, funny, sweet ones, make up for it all. Chill out and enjoy your shopping experience, and remember: a lack of organisation on your part does not constitute an emergency on mine. People need to remember that those of us that are lucky enough to work in retail are people too, we have feelings and we also have lives we enjoy living outside of the four walls you meet us in, and a little respect and kindness goes a long way in getting someone to help you. Most of us work in retail because we are good at it, we enjoy talking to people and helping people, and most likely have good knowledge about our particular field. Don’t get me wrong – I love my job, I just wish that other people could love their life just as much and be happier, healthier people for it, instead of feeling the need to chuck tantrums, yell and degrade those they deem ‘lower’ than themselves, for whatever reason. Remember – treating others how you would like to be treated is all well and good, but treating all people with respect should just be standard. 


At the end of the day, we all love to shop, and customer service plays a huge part in that. Your customer service experience can make or break your whole shopping experience, or even your day. It takes a particular type of person to be good at customer service, and I agree that not all people who work in that field are the right people, but next time you have an issue with someone, or something, or a product or a store, just remember – the customer service representative you are speaking to is a person too.

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