Life, the universe, but not everything.

Some people think they are so much better than others – here’s some news for you:

There is not such thing as better. Just different.

People are not stupid for having different views than you do, or different views about you. And while some people are actually stupid, that still doesn’t make you better than them. People make mistakes, and the biggest people are the ones who can admit that. I have made a lot of mistakes this year, a lot of poor decisions and a lot of hard ones. Some that even broke my heart, but I can admit that while what I did was hard, or mean, or cold, or bitchy, or cowardly, or strong-willed; none of it was wrong.

I have to be thankful for this year. I’m not American and don’t celebrate thanksgiving, even though it was a few days ago, but I am thankful for all the lessons I’ve learnt this year. Lessons that have made me stronger, wiser and a better version of myself, but not better than anyone else.

And none of what I have done this year makes me any less of a person than any other either, or any worse of a person than someone who is seeing things through dark rose-tinted glasses. Coloured tints are cheap and tacky anyway, go for a polarised lens, it reduces more glaringly obvious bullshit.

Life is good. I am happy, regardless of the things I lack. I am lucky, and blessed and cherish what I do have and am no longer dwelling on any of the rest.