New Year, New Life…

But not really.

While many things are going to stay the same, many will change. In 39 days, I leave most of what has been my life up until this point behind. I’m leaving a large chunk of me behind – and that’s kind of part of the plan.

I decided not to make news years resolutions this year (because I’ve never really made any before, let alone kept the ones I have made), and resolutions seem pointless when you’re uprooting your life and going on a massive adventure. I suppose one resolution, if I were to have one – would be to stay positive this year, to not let this year get the better of me and keep my head above the water and be grateful for all the opportunities that are now before me.

In order to help me attempt to achieve this, I have invested in a happiness journal. While I don’t feel that this is a replacement in any way for actual happiness, I know that I need to work on finding and keeping my happiness present – and this journal is a year long project that I hope will help me figure out just what it is that makes me happy, how to hold onto those happy feelings when I get stressed or angry, and also teach me some things about myself I may not have known up to this point.


The journal consists of 12 sections, one for each month (or however you choose to work through them). With this as my ammunition, I am determined that 2013 is going to be one hellova great year.

P.s. Watch my reviews page for my upcoming review of The Hobbit.