Magical Forests…

So this evening I stumbled across a post over on Bored Panda, and it contained some of the most stunning images of forests from around the world; honestly some of the most stunning photography I have seen in a while.

These photographs evoke a sense of adventure in me, a desire to be lost, to be alone in a surreal world to find myself. They are truly magical.

The post features gorgeous scenery from places such as Hallerbos, Belguim:
Peak District, UK:
And the Misty Forest:

“Forests have an ancient and mysterious charm that keeps us all coming back, whether we’re photographers looking for the perfect shot or just travelers and weekenders. An expansive, natural and healthy forest is like a cathedral erected to the glory of nature, which is probably why we find these photos to be so stunning.”
Lina D

The photographs were too stunning not to share. This is a list that can be contributed to, so if you have any amazing photographs of forests in your home country, feel free to contribute!
You can see the full article at Bored Panda. .